Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Father's Day Card & challenge!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I hope you are all doing well today! Well we had a very busy Monday because Sunday night my middle son found a lost dog... The dog followed him all the way home and my son didn't know what to do... He and his friend were hiding in my house in the dark and I was like.... What are you guys doing? Then they told me so I told them to go and get the dog... The poor little guy was dirty and hungry and had some terrible hairball knots all over him.... I felt sooo bad for this dog and said we should hang onto him until we can find the owners.... We live in a small town so finding the owners shouldn't be to hard..... Well my hubby wanted me to keep him in our yard for the night but our warm weather has turned COLD again sooo I couldn't leave him outside.... I know dogs have fur and all but I'm a sucker when it comes to leaving an animal out in the cold... I just can't do it! Anyway, we gave him a bath yesterday and tried to remove some of the hairball knots off of him but I felt soooo bad for him that I couldn't do it... I told my hubby that if no one claims him we will pay to get his haircut done by a professional... I just couldn't get all the sticks and globs of hairballs off of him..... So we took his picture and I made some fliers to put around town.... Within 15 minutes the dogs owner was found and the owner was soooo relieved to have his dog back... we were calling him Shaggy because he looked sooo shaggy to us...but his real name is Hero and here's a picture of the cute little guy! We ended up knowing the Dog owner, he runs the Pharmacy in town and he was so kind to give us a gift certificate to his store...Which he didn't have to do, I was just happy we found the owner otherwise I would have a new dog!!! LOL I also managed to do a card today as well - the info is under the next photo..... :)

Ok This card is for my hubby for Father's day! It's going to be Sunday and I keep putting it off so I thought now would be a good time to get it done! It is also in connection to a challenge.... Stamp with Heather has a weekly sketch challenge I like doing... They are fairly simple and fun - Here's the link to the Sketch:

Ok.. Heather always says to interpret the sketch the way you see it... Soooo I saw it as a Joy Fold card! I used DCWV Natural Stack and I used my new Stampin' Up Stamp (Motorcycle) and the sentiment is computer generated.... and there you have it a Challenge and a Father's Day card all wrapped up in one!
Please feel free to leave a comment and thanks for taking a peek!


Sharon said...

Little Hero looks so sad in the picture. So happy that his owner was found!! That was so sweet of you to take care of him 'til then. Your card is great! My Dad would love it. He has always had a motorcycle off and on for years. :)

Marjorie said...

What a lucky little dog to find your family! So many people would have just turned their backs on him. Love that you thought of a joy fold card. That was my first thought as well, but then I got distracted and ended up doing a "regular" card.

Jane said...

I love stories with happy endings....I bet the owner was pleased you'd bathed him as well!

Love the card, I just wish we had that stamp available in the UK