Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello ALL!!!

Hi everyone.... Happy Monday!!! Sorry I haven't posted since Wednesday... First I couldn't log into the Cricut Messageboard ALL week so I was a bit stressed over that and then I decided to work on my stamps... Not in a crafty way either! :) I have tons, and tons of Stampin' Up Wood Mounted stamps that take up a lot of room in my scraproom or Woman cave as I like to call it! :) and I have been trying different ways to shrink my large stamp stash without getting rid of them.... I've watched several youtube videos and decided to remove the rubber from my wood mounts and use Aleene's Tack-it over & over Adhesive for the backing to use with my acrylic blocks.... So far it is working out great... except that I have tons and tons of stamps! hehehe
So it is a time consuming chore for me.... I did get 16 stamp sets done last night alone.... but again very time consuming... you can certainly see the difference of my storage space from what I had to what I have done now..... and I'm liking the new style of my stamps so I will try to do only a few stamps at a time so I can spend my favorite time making cards! I have NOOOO Card today (SORRY) :(
But I will be back bright and early tomorrow with at least 1 card! Try and have a Wonderful day and I'll keep chugging along with my new project of stamp organizing! :)

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Sharon said...

I've been thinking about unmounting my stamps, but just haven't done it yet. Thanks for the comments you've been leaving about my cards. Really makes me smile from my heart to my face!